Monday, July 5, 2010

Plectophila sarculata

Plectophila sarculata T.P. Lucas, 1901


Plectophila sarculata T.P. Lucas, 1901, Queensland Lepidoptera. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 16: 73–95 [88]. Syntype(s) SAMA number unknown ♂♀, May Orchard, Brisbane, Qld.
Plectophila sarculata T.P. Lucas, 1901. Common, in Nielsen, Edwards, & Rangsi, 1996, Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia. Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera, 4: i-xiv, 1-529 & CD-ROM [88].
Plectophila sarculata T.P. Lucas, 1901. Beccaloni, G. W., Scoble, M. J., Robinson, G. S. & Pitkin, B. (Editors). 2003. The Global Lepidoptera Names Index (LepIndex). World Wide Web electronic publication. [accessed 26 April 2010].
Plectophila sarculata T.P. Lucas, 1901. Edwards, E. D. (2003), Xyloryctinae. Australian Faunal Directory. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. [accessed 17 June 2010].

Original description, T.P. Lucas, 1901
Plectophila sarculata nov. sp.,
♂♀ 14-18 mm. Head, palpi and thorax white. Antennae fuscous, faintly annulated with white. Abdomen ochreous fuscous. Forewings narrow, costa gently rounded, hindmargin obliquely rounded, white with fuscous markings which are diffused with ochreous, and irrorated with black scales; a broad fascia from fold opposite 2/5 inner margin, anterior border in two waves to 1/3 costa, and continued as a fine line toward base, but not as far as base, posterior border irregularly curved and toothed, nearly parallel to anterior border, thence curves along costa, and gradually narrows to a thinned out line at 4/5 costa; this subtends a second fascia sometimes is commingled with it from a -point opposite 2/3 costa and which gradually widens to inner margin, the anterior border twice waved and finely denticulate to beyond ½ inner margin, the posterior border with a sinuate outward curve to anal angle of inner margin; from its centre a bar connects with a broad diffused apical fascia. Cilia white, ochreous at base, and ochreous tinged with fuscous at anal angle. Hindwings, light fuscous. Cilia, whitish ochreous, in some specimens- indistinctly banded with a fuscous line. May Orchard, Brisbane.

Food plants:
Flight period:
Distribution: Queensland. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).