Friday, September 10, 2010

Cryptophasa leucadelpha

Cryptophasa leucadelpha Meyrick, 1887

- Vic, 6 miles NW of Wedderburn, 13. Mar. 1960, M.S. Upton leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

Cryptophasa leucadelpha Meyrick, 1887. Descriptions of new Lepidoptera. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 2-n.s. 1(4): 1037-1048 [1040]. Syntype(s) SAMA 5♂♀, Wimmera District, Vic.
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Original description, Meyrick 1887
Crypt. leucadelpha, n. sp.
♂♀ 41-46 mm. Differs from C. irrorata only as follows: Abdomen grey-whitish. Hindwings white, with moderately broad suffused fuscous hindmarginal fascia not reaching anal angle.
Larva feeding on a species of Casuarina.
Wimmera, Victoria; five specimens (Colls. Lucas and Kershaw.)
Subsequent description, Meyrick 1890
Crypt. leucadelpha, Meyr.
(Cryptophasa leucadelpha Meyr., Proc. Linn. Soc., N. S. Wales, 1886, 1040.)
Both sexes 41-46mm. Differs from preceding only as follows: Abdomen grey-whitish; hindwings white, with moderately broad suffused fuscous hind marginal fascia not reaching anal angle.
Wimmera, Victoria; two specimens. Larva feeds on Casuarina.

Other references

C. leucadelpha, Meyr. (Cryptophasa leucadelpha, Meyr., Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales,, 1,040, 1886; Cryptophaga leucadelpha, Meyr., Tr. Roy. Soc. S.A., 35, 1889).
Wimmera. (Lower, 1896).

Food plants: Larva boring in stem. Larval foodplant: Casuarina sp. (Casuarinaceae). (Edwards, 2003).
Flight period: March
Distribution: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).