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Cryptophasa isoneura

Cryptophasa isoneura (Lower, 1902)

- SA, 25 km NW of Calperum Homestead, 4. Oct. 1996, R.B. Hoare & M. Matthews leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

- Qld, Millmerran, 1. Oct. 1949, J. Macqueen leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

Cryptophaga isoneura Lower, 1902. Descriptions of new genera and species of Australian Lepidoptera. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia  26: 212–247 [236]. Holotype SAMA ♂, Victoria.
Cryptophaga isoneura Lower, 1902. Turner, 1906, A Note on the Localities Attributed to Australian Lepidoptera By Mr. Oswald Lower, F.E.S. Transactions of the Royal Society of SouthAustralia, 30 194-198 (197).
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Original description, Lower, 1902
Cryptophaga isoneura, n. sp.
Male, 24 mm. Head ochreous, face ochreous-whitish. Palpi ochreous-whitish, terminal joint short, half of second. Antennae fuscous, pectinations 2. Thorax dull ochreous-whitish, anteriorly leaden-fuscous, patagia leaden-fuscous, mixed with white. Legs ochreous-whitish, posterior pair fuscous-tinged. Forewings elongate, moderate, costa gently arched, termen obliquely rounded, 2 from: five- sixths; 7 to termen; ochreous-whitish, irregularly suffused with rather thick streaks of smoky fuscous, especially along costa and towards termen; all veins more or less outlined with black; a moderately large quadrate ferruginous spot at posterior extremity of cell; some ferruginous scales just below base of vein 2; a moderate ferruginous band along termen to apical fifth of costa, obliterating lines along veins; a sharp black line along termen; cilia dark fuscous. Hindwings with termen rounded; 3 and 4 from a Point; 6 and 7 approximated at base; black; basal and innermarginal areas greyish, strongly haired; ferruginous baud and line along termen as in forewings; cilia greyish, with black scales on basal half.
Victoria. (without further record); one specimen, bred from Casuarina sp., in November.

Other references

Cryptophaga isoneura Tr.R.S.S.A., 1902, p.236, Published locality, “Victoria”, True locality, Birchip [Victoria]. (Turner, 1906).

Food plants: Larva boring in stem. Larval food plant: Casuarina sp. (Casuarinaceae). (Edwards, 2003).
Flight period: October, November.
Distribution: Queensland, South Australia, Victoria. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).