Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Xylorycta orectis

Xylorycta orectis Meyrick, 1890.


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Original description, Meyrick 1890
Xyl. orectis, n. sp.
Male 34 mm. Head and thorax ochreous-white, crown more ochreous-tinged. Palpi, antennae, and abdomen white. Legs light ochreous, posterior pair white. Forewings elongate, costa slightly arched, apex obtuse, hindmargin slightly rounded, rather strongly oblique; snow-white; extreme costal edge ochreous-tinged: cilia white. Hindwings pale grey, becoming white towards base; apex and upper part of hindmargin irregularly white; cilia white.
Perth, West Australia; in November, one specimen.

Other references

[Xylorycta leucophanes] Nearest to orectis, Meyrick. (Lower, 1892).

[Xylorycta homoleuca] Between orectis, Meyr., and leucophanes, Lower. From the former it differs in absence of orange costal edge, &c.; and from the latter by the absence of blackish costal edge, color of hind wings, and shape of forewings. (Lower, 1894).

[Xylorycta homoleuca] This is certainly very near X. orectis, Meyr., differing only in the total absence of ochreous tinge on head, thorax, and costal margins and the fuscous colouration of legs. (Turner, 1894).

[Xylorycta amphileuca] Nearest orectis, Meyr., but differs from that and the allied species by the absence of orange on head and fuscous hind-wings. (Lower, 1902).

Food plants:
Flight period: November.
Distribution: New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).