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Xylorycta chrysomela

Xylorycta chrysomela Lower, 1897.




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Original description, Lower 1897
Xylorycta chrysomela, n. sp.
♀ 32 mm. Head ochreous-yellow, palpi orange, terminal joint ochreous. Thorax yellowish-white, anterior half fuscous, collar orange-reddish. Abdomen orange; antennae fuscous, annulated with white. Legs orange, tarsi banded with fuscous. Forewings elongate, somewhat dilated, costa gently arched, hindmargin oblique; 2 from 2/3; 7 to hindmargin; whitish-ochreous, with dark fuscous markings; a broad oblique fascia close to base, dilated on inner margin; a moderate triangular spot on costa just beyond; a second moderate somewhat irregularly edged fascia from about middle of costa to middle of inner margin, broadly dilated beneath, costal portion connected with triangular spot by a thick streak which is continued along costa to ¾, and encloses one or two small spots of ground colour on costa; a third moderately thick curved fascia from posterior edge of this streak, ending just above inner margin on posterior edge of previous fascia; a thick streak from middle of posterior edge of third fascia to just below apex, thence continued as a thick streak along hindmargin to anal angle; a small spot on costa at 4/5; a triangular spot of fuscous in cilia at apex, containing 2 sharp black lines at base: cilia whitish-ochreous, basal half below fuscous spot orange, separation well-defined; a fuscous spot in cilia at anal angle. Hindwings orange, with an irregular fuscous band from just below costa at ¾ to anal angle, contracted posteriorly; cilia yellow, basal half orange.
North Queensland; one specimen (Coll. Lyell).
Between ophiogramma, Meyr., and porphyrinella, Walk.

Other references

Pl. 6.4: Common, 1990

The conspicuously marked X. chrysomela Low. (Pl. 6.4) is widely distributed in northern Australia from Kimberly in the west to Cape York, and south to Rockhampton, Queensland. (Common, 1990).

Food plants:
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Distribution: Northern Territory, Queensland. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).