Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cryptophasa phaeochtha

Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick, 1925

- Qld, Upper Leo Creek, McIlwraith Range Lat. 13' 45'' S Long. 143'2 6'' E, 7. Jul. 1989, E.S. Nielsen E.D. Edwards & M. Horak leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

- Qld, Iron Range, 14. Apr. 1964, I.F.B. Common M.S. Upton leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick, 1925. Exotic Microlepidoptera. 3 (5–7): 129–160, 161–192, 193–224 [147]. Syntype(s) BMNH 3♂♀, Oetakwa River, Irian Jaya.
Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick, 1925. Common, in Nielsen, Edwards, & Rangsi, 1996, Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia. Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera, 4: i-xiv, 1-529 & CD-ROM [87]
Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick, 1925. Beccaloni, G. W., Scoble, M. J., Robinson, G. S. & Pitkin, B. (Editors). 2003. The Global Lepidoptera Names Index (LepIndex). World Wide Web electronic publication. [accessed 17 April 2010].
Cryptophasa phaeochtha Meyrick, 1925. Edwards, E. D. (2003), Xyloryctinae. Australian Faunal Directory. Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra. [accessed 18 June 2010].

Original description, Meyrick 1925
Cryptophasa phaeochtha, n. sp.
♂♀. 40-50 mm. Head whitish-ochreous. Palpi whitish-ochreous, externally fuscous. Antennae ♂ pectinated (2). Thorax whitish-ochreous, anterior third fuscous. Abdomen pale ochreous-yellowish, a reddish antemedian band. Forewings rather elongate-oblong, hardly dilated, termen little oblique; 8 to apex; whitish-ochreous, a suffused fuscous band occupying costal third, darker towards costa: cilia whitish-ochreous, on costa fuscous. Hindwings and cilia light ochreous-yellowish.
DUTCH NEW GUINEA, Oetakwa R., 3000 feet (Meek); 3 ex. 

Food plants:
Flight period:  April, July.
Distribution: Queensland, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea. (Edwards, 2003).