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Maroga setiotricha

Maroga setiotricha Meyrick, 1890.

♂ - NT, Magela Creek, 9 km SE of Mudginbarry Homestead Lat. 12' 40'' S Long. 132' 54'' E, 6. Nov. 1972, E.D. Edwards M.S. Upton leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

♀ - Qld, Kuranda Lat. 16' 49'' S Long. 145' 38'' E, 26. Oct. 1977, I.F.B. Common leg. (ANIC). [AMO].

♂ - NSW, Wambadule Forest Reserve, Pilliga West State Forest 267, 16. Nov. 1996, L.S. Willan leg. (LWC).

Maroga setiotricha Meyrick, 1890, Descriptions of Australian Lepidoptera. Part I. Xyloryctidae. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia  13: 23–81 [40]. Syntype(s) BMNH 2♂♀, Duaringa, Qld.
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Original description, Meyrick 1890
Mar. setiotricha, n. sp.
Both sexes 56-66mm. Head and thorax pale greyish-ochreous. Palpi dark fuscous. Antennae grey. Abdomen dark purplish-fuscous, sides and anal tuft orange. Legs dark fuscous, middle and posterior tibiae orange, posterior tarsi suffused with white towards apex of joints. Forewings elongate-oblong, costa almost straight, apex obtuse, hindmargin nearly straight, somewhat oblique, rounded beneath; grey-whitish, strewn with numerous
long fine linear blackish scales; a blackish dot in disc at 2/3, cilia white, base with a few fuscous and dark fuscous scales. Hindwings in male iridescent whitish, in female fuscous, darker towards base, apex paler; cilia white, in female more or less infuscated towards base.
Duaringa, Queensland; two specimens received from Mr. G. Barnard.

Other references

Maroga setiotricha, Meyr. Meyrick, 40. Charters Towers, Dawson River, and Duaringa: Mr. Dodd found the larva on Acacia. (Turner, 1894).

Kny-Scheerer Company, New York City: 2 specimens of Lepidoptera. Maroga setiotricha, from Queensland, Australia (48462). (U. S. National Museum, 1909).


Maroga setiotricha, head. gvc3005, Townsville, QLD.

Food plants: Larva in bore in stem. Larval foodplant: Acacia sp. (Mimosaceae). (Edwards, 2003).
Flight period:  October, November.
Distribution: Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia. Endemic. (Edwards, 2003).